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XWC—an interconnected blockchain world created by the cross-chain

Whitecoin has achieved the interconnectivity of the value of blockchains through Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol, which means a lot to the field of Blockchain. It gets through barriers between blockchains, enabling a better expansion and value sharing to help dock with the existent infrastructure of the Internet.

Smart Contract—Flexible APP Creation
To improve the efficiency of developers, XWC Team offers diversified SDKs while the smart contract presents infinite possibilities, making global developers can create their own applications. For now, XWC has released some contract models for users to experience, such as one-click issuing currency, STO Application, smart position-lock and order pending.
Community Application
  • XWCDICE.com

  • XWC Mall

  • WhiteNode

  • White OS

Welcome to XWC Ecology